Natural, Airy Family Portraits Bring Relationships into Focus

Toddler girl peers out window bathed in light

Light, airy, and natural family portraits are my favorite in the studio. I love to strip away the details and focus instead on expression, emotion, and connection.

The touch of a hand. A twinkle in the eyes. The hugs, snuggles, and knowing glances among family members. This is what I aim to capture in my studio portrait sessions.

Lifestyle family portraits are about capturing real life, which is always beautiful, rather an perfection, which doesn’t even exist. This is one of the first things I express to my clients when they arrive for a session. After which, I usually hear a sigh of relief when they realize they can just be themselves.

When I talk about “lifestyle” family photos I mean capturing authentic snippets of real life. Of course, I always help guide you in posing, and I offer years of experience with lighting, angles, and other technical matters.

But you, just need to be YOU.

The light, airy family portraits I create in the studio will strip away distractions from the composition and bring you and your family’s beautiful relationship clearly in focus.

Special Mini Portrait Opportunity

Along these lines, this spring for the first time I’m offering an opportunity to celebrate motherhood with Mama and Me Mini Sessions. This is a wonderful chance to capture snuggles, hugs, giggles, and smiles between a mama and her sweet babies (no matter how old they might be!)

The sessions will be held on the afternoon of Saturday, April 13. All the information and details for this limited petite appointment opportunity to capture light, airy family portraits are in the link below.

Learn about Celebrate Motherhood: Mama and Me Mini Sessions!

Toddler sister reaches for her newborn baby brother held by parents
Toddler girl with blond curly hair makes surprise face
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