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Ready to book? Awesome! Just send me an email via the Contact page and I would be happy to check availability or answer any questions you may have.

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Booking FAQs and Policies

Booking agreement: Once you’ve selected a session type and we have confirmed the available date and time, you’ll receive a booking agreement via email that must be e-signed and sent back in order to complete the booking and save your session appointment time.

Deposits and payments: A deposit is not necessarily for most sessions, however, payment in full for the session fee is always due on or before the session date.

Purchased images and products: Payment for selected images or print products that are not included in the session price will be invoiced upon the order dates and is due prior to the delivery of the final images or products. All sales are final.

Forms of payment: Deb Scally Photography accepts major credit cards, checks, or cash.

Rescheduling a session: In most cases, sessions may be rescheduled without penalty if adequate notice is given prior to the session time. I realized that family members get sick, or life can throw other curveballs at us, so I am generally very happy to work with you and be flexible when something comes up.

Cancellations: To cancel a session that is already booked, clients must notify Deb via email within 24 hours to be eligible for refund. Refunds are available on a prorated basis as a percentage of the session fee depending on the amount of notice given. Specific cancellation policies for each session are included in the booking agreement.

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