Branding Portraits

Personal branding sessions and headshots create engaging and impactful images that elevate your brand and help you tell your story. Taking candid selfies just can’t replace having dynamic, professional visual images that can make you truly stand out.

What are branding portraits?

More than just pretty pictures, personal branding sessions bring your professional story alive with captivating, editorial visual imagery. We want to show more than just a great smile. We want to show attitude, confidence, personality and even humor! Each session includes a pre-consultation to allow us time to discuss what you want to communicate about your business, as well as a short questionnaire. This intelligence will help me plan the mood, environment, lighting, and angles that will create your unique story.

Woman in red dress poses against white couch in white studio for branding portraits

Personal branding sessions result in creative, editorial-style content as well as several classic professional headshots. Branding images are perfect for use on a website, marketing materials, or as ongoing content for social media.

This type of session is a perfect fit for any professional or entrepreneur or for any individual looking for creative personal portraiture. Whether you’re a reiki healer and professional motivation coach like Anika shown above, a realtor, chef, yoga teacher, banker, or anything in between, this session can be a perfect gift to yourself and your business.

Use branding portraits to stand out

Today’s small business entrepreneurs and savvy professionals understand that to stand out from the competition, you have to share who you are and what you stand for. Your values, personality, and business values all can be communicated with creative, custom branding portraits. Having a social media presence is no longer enough. You have to use those platforms to elevate your voice and connect with your audience. What’s more, offering up new visual content allows you to stay current and open the door for engagement.

The cool thing about branding sessions is that we can collaborate and create almost any type of vibe or messaging you’d like to employ. We can go behind the scenes on your business. In this way, we demonstrate how you interact with employees and colleagues. Another options is to use your branding session to peek behind the scenes to show what you like to do outside of your profession. The options are limitless.

What’s more, when we create a branding package of images I’ll ensure that they are optimized for a variety of uses. You may want to feature them on a website, or perhaps as part of a slideshow presentation. Or maybe you have a billboard in mind? Heck, we can make that happen too!

Booking your branding portraits session

Want to know more? For information on booking headshots, branding sessions, rates, and availability, just drop me a note though the Contact page.

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