Time spent with our families is so fleeting and precious. And anyone with children knows the years fly in a blink! So one decision you’ll never regret is taking the time to create beautiful family photos.

In our family photo sessions, we’ll capture beautiful smiles, loving hugs, and lots of fun, natural, unscripted moments.

Black couple sitting on steps in park with one year old baby
Session types and styles

I offer both studio sessions and lifestyle sessions. Lifestyle sessions are about more than just pretty grins. With up to an hour, we can explore, play, giggle, and find the best light and background for your photos. I’ll help you with posing and making sure everyone feels comfortable and looking their best. But remember… it’s not about being perfect. It’s all about being genuine. Because nothing is more beautiful than real life!

Studio sessions allow everyone to gather in my beautiful natural light studio where we can create whatever style of portrait you’d like, whether it’s moody and dramatic or light, airy and fun. Family sessions can involve couples, expectant parents, children, or even generational gatherings.

I also offer plenty of guidance on what to wear, what time of day is best, and the most pleasing setting and background. You choose the date, I’ll take care of the rest!

The most important thing to remember is that PERFECT is not a thing. In fact, perfection is totally overrated. Don’t sweat it. Life is most beautiful when it’s authentic. And when it comes to family photos, you want to remember your real life… not a canned, cliched photo shoot.

Setting up a session is easy– just get in touch and we’ll find a convenient time that works for your schedule. Moreover, Nashville is brimming with beautiful photo locations! We can choose from Smith Park, Harlinsdale Farms, or many other public areas. Or we can work in the comfort and ease of my spacious studio. Simply drop me an email and I’ll contact you to get you booked today!

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