7 Reasons to Try Studio Family Portraits

Family with two twin girl hugging in photo studio

For most of us, the tradition of having outdoor family portraits made in the fall is well-established. But let’s face it, the weeks leading up to the holiday season are just about the worst time of year to try to pull everyone together. Kids’ team sports, holiday shopping, Thanksgiving plans, and impending travel are all obstacles to finding the time — and energy– to create a great family photos. But creating an annual family portrait is important. Not just for you but for loved ones as well. So rather than skip it altogether, consider the alternative of studio family portraits during less hectic times of the year.

If you haven’t given this idea a try, here are seven solid reasons why you should.

1. Weather is not a factor

How many times have you tried to schedule an outdoor photo session only to have weather conditions either cause the session to reschedule? When we schedule a booking in the studio, all the contingencies disappear, making the process much easier and less stressful. Rain, wind, gloomy skies, or glaring sun are no longer a factor when we work inside a beautiful, dry, temperature-controlled environment!

Two children hug mom in studio portrait
2. Booking is easier

In general, family life is a little more settled after the first of the year since sports teams and holiday activities are not at the forefront. No more rushing over to family photos before or after a game, or worrying about which weekends you’ll actually be in town. For most of us, it’s just calmer all the way around after the busy fall season.

Young family with one-year-old baby
3. Outfits are easier to coordinate

Since temperature isn’t a factor, planning outfits is easier with studio family portraits. Everyone can wear what they’re comfortable in and we have changing rooms in case you have a change of mind or want to tweak an outfit during the session. So mark that stressor off the list!

Large family laughing in studio for portrait session
4. Less distractions for little ones

The studio offers a spacious, comfortable area for parents and children to relax without chasing them all over an outdoor property! Plus, there are no muddy shoes or grass-stained knees to worry about. Kids can even bring their favorite toys or lovies, and we can incorporate them into the shots to help make them feel relaxed and right at home.

brother and sister giggling in studio portrait session
5. Easy in, easy out

My studio is accessible just a few steps away from your parking spot, so with studio family portraits you aren’t hiking or traversing a wide-open park just to find a perfect background or a place where light conditions are optimal.

Blond toddler girl giggling in studio portrait
6. Beautiful light, beautiful you

Because the studio conditions are controlled, I make sure the lighting always looks great on you and your family. No more squinting, dark transition lenses, or harsh shadows. While I work hard to avoid these issues when I do shoot outdoors, sometimes they are still difficult to overcome. In the studio, however, we have perfect lighting every time.

Young family gathers around newborn baby
7. Less stress means making happy memories

You want your kids and family members to think happy thoughts when it’s time for family photos. Once you eliminate the stressors and create an environment where everyone can simply sit back and enjoy the process, you’ll be setting the stage for great memories and a positive outlook next time around. It’s one of the best reasons to consider studio family portraits next time around!

family gathers around grandfather in studio portrait
mother and daughter cuddling with newborn baby
Studio family portrait with extended family
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