Nashville Bridge Senior Session

senior boy in navy hoodie in park

One of the coolest spots for an urban look senior session in Nashville is the downtown pedestrian bridge. The artistic lines of the structure and the amazing light create a fabulous backdrop. And the surrounding park offers a lot of variety as well.

It’s exactly what Ben wanted for his senior photos, so I was excited to make it happen!

I believe it’s very important to make each senior session feel like a perfect fit. After all, these young adults are just coming into their own sense of who they are. and what they want. Their senior photos, therefore, ought to reflect their personality and desires.

Ben’s vision

When I met him, Ben was a fairly serious young man. He told me he was preparing to study finance as he entered college in the fall. But along with a more serious look, he also wanted the senior session to reflect his passion for UT Knoxville, where he would soon be attending. I assured him we would be able to change backgrounds, as well as outfits, to accommodate his vision for the shoot.

Using the backdrop of the Nashville skyline was his first desire, so we started shooting on the bridge itself. Sometimes wind can be a factor when standing on the bridge. But luckily, that day it was fairly calm. Late afternoon is my favorite time to shoot these sessions, with the glow of the city behind us. This time of day also offers beautiful fill light reflecting nicely off the concrete below.

Adding in variety

Once we captured the main shots on the bridge, it was time for some variety. Ben really wanted a casual look with a favorite hoodie and jeans. So he made a quick change, and we shifted the locations slightly as well.

One of the reasons I love this area is because it offers city chic, urban grit, and beautiful nature all in one. We moved off the bridge to the adjacent Cumberland Park. In mid May, the greenery was bright and beautiful, so the contrast to the bridge was striking. Using the trees and walkways, we captured a great set of portraits in this second area.

UT Proud

Finally Ben wanted to display his pride for Rocky Top by wearing one of his favorite t-shirts and then a jersey from UT Knoxville. We wandered over to the riverfront to create a third location and look with the skyline and Cumberland River behind him.

Bang for the buck

I love the idea that with just a little bit of creativity, I can feature so many different options within one senior session. In just over an hour, we created Ben’s senior portraits with four outfits and backgrounds — all within one general location.

Finally, the last photo I take during senior sessions is a quick candid with mom or dad. This special moment gives a shout-out to the one who is there to support and cheer them on every day. These sweet moments always tug at my heart, because I’ve been on the other end as well. Moms, and dads, have a lot to be proud of by senior year!

senior boy standing on bridge in Nashville
senior boy in navy hoodie leaning over bridge railing
Senior boy in UT shirt next to river
senior boy leans against glass block wall
senior boy stands on bridge with skyline behind
senior boy with crossed arms
senior boy leans against railing while standing on bridge
Senior boy hugging his mom
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