Is It Time to Refresh Your Headshot?

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In all likelihood, yes! Time flies as they say, and in today’s business environment, your headshot is your currency–your digital handshake, you might say. How can a fresh new headshot benefit your business or professional presence? Here are several important ways!

1. It gets you noticed

Posting a new headshot triggers notifications and interest among clients, contacts, and friends. No matter what your business or professional vocation, it’s vital to stay current and top of mind. And there’s no better way to remind everyone of your presence than with a proud new profile pic!

2. It keeps you up to date

Even clothing and your hairstyle from a year ago can make your profile headshot seem outdated. These subtle cues often translate to clients and customers as someone who doesn’t stay up to speed on other things as well, even if that couldn’t be further from the truth! Keep your online appearance updated just as you do your wardrobe and your personal appearance in order to communicate that your skills and know how are cutting edge as well.

3. It’s a conversation starter

Updating your headshot on your business card gives you a reason to revisit previous clients and offer them the latest version of your contact information. It’s an easy way to invite outreach and mention that you are staying up to date personally and professionally.

4. It’s a boost to self-confidence

How many of us have fallen back on using an older photo of ourselves (even if we didn’t like it) simply because we felt it was easier than the alternative? Having a professional headshot made does not have to be hard. Dare I say, it can even be fun! I make sure that not only do you love the photo you receive, but that you feel fabulous during the experience! In the end, the confidence boost and self-esteem high may be the best reason yet to offer yourself a new headshot!

5. It shows you care

Taking the time to offer the best version of yourself online and in your marketing materials shows clients and customers that you care. It communicates that details matter, and that you are continually working to improve yourself in order to serve them better.

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