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Your headshot should fit your personality and deliver exactly the vibe you want to express. Whether it’s buttoned up and professional, cool and casual, high energy, whimsical, or anything in between. The one thing it shouldn’t be is cookie-cutter.

When I talk with headshot clients for the first time, what I often hear is “I just need something simple,” which nine times out of ten translates to mean “We can just do this quickly, right?” And, I get totally get it. Simple is usually best! But simple doesn’t have to mean boring.

Once I set up a background and have lighting in place, it’s great to take at least a little time to become comfortable, offer choices with posing and expression and make sure we are capturing the look and feel that will best represent you.

When this young man came in a few weeks ago, he was looking for professional headshots to accompany his newly attained degree and help launch him in the arena of sports broadcasting. We took both casual and formal looks just through a quick wardrobe change. I also opted to offer him a little more range by changing up his posture, seating, light angle, etc.

So don’t be afraid to share details of your professional goals and needs when it comes to your headshot. We can work together to ensure your final images are something you’ll be proud to share.

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