EastNash Elopement: Doing It Their Way

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When Brittney and Mary finally decided to get married in an private, romantic elopement, they were committed to doing it their way.

After facing more than a year of challenges including family illness, disapproval, and finally, restrictions from COVID-19, they’d had enough. They decided to let everything else go except the most important thing: saying “I do.”

Brittney recently wrote about their rollercoaster elopement journey in an editorial for the Nashville Scene. “Our pandemic wedding wasn’t the one we hoped for,” she wrote, “but ultimately it was just right for us.”

A year and a half ago, the outlook for a full wedding celebration looked amazing. The couple had been together for five years before Brittney popped the question to Mary in September 2019. After Mary’s enthusiastic “YES!” they made plans for a wedding in 2020. Then, as the saying goes, 2020 happened.

Almost immediately after sharing their news, bumps in the road began to appear. A disapproving family member made their opinions known, putting a damper on the planned family gathering. Shortly after, Brittney’s father was diagnosed with cancer. Covid restrictions became a moving target for venues. The couple rescaled, rescheduled, and reconsidered plans again and again.

2020 dragged on and the ability to gather even small groups remained questionable. Finally, Brittney & Mary decided to simply call an officiant, book a photographer and tie the knot in a brief, private elopement. After considering several locations, they decided on their favorite bar, the Fox Bar & Cocktail Club in East Nashville. On a bright sunshiny January 1, Sue Davies-Rephan from Elope in Nashville, Ryan the bartender and I witnessed Brittney and Mary exchange personal heartfelt vows. Amid both giggles and tears, this couple declared their love legally, officially, and once and for all.

What 2020 has taught us…

Brittney and Mary’s story is emblematic of the challenges couples have faced since the pandemic hit in March 2020. Many couples continue to scale down their ceremony day to the bare minimum. In some cases, they are planning a bigger celebration when it’s safe to gather in large groups once again. In other cases, couples are learning that elopements have their own charm and beauty. As a photographer, I love being a part of these short, sweet, but oh-so-romantic events. During the many elopements I photograph, the emphasis is on the couples, their relationship, and their story, which makes it quite unique and special.

Congratulations again, Brittney & Mary! You deserve all the happiness in 2021!

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