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What is a portrait? It’s an artistic, creative expression that captures the essence of an individual in a single image.

I have always loved portrait photography because each of us has a unique place in the world with our own story to tell, which makes this genre infinitely interesting, challenging, and rewarding. My goal is to combine my artistic passion with technical skill to create portraits that evoke an understanding of the human element that connects us all.

Rather than create a body of work with a palette and style that all looks the same, my photographs reflect and celebrate the unique differences among my subjects. Some are bright, colorful, and outgoing; others are softer, muted, more introspective. As a former journalist, I’m trained to deeply observe and document life; as a creative I use those observations to inspire my work.

One of the most important aspects of my portrait work is the trust my clients have in me. Trust is important so that clients know that I’ll be working with them to bring out only their best. Sometimes that means trying something the unexpected, or even silly, to create something fabulous and unique.

Finally when it comes to posing–leave your worries at home! The vast majority of us are not professional models, so of course posing isn’t second nature. If it is–you get to cruise! But if not, I’ve got plenty of guidance, tips, tricks, and ideas to ensure you are posing like a boss throughout your session.

My portrait photography services includes many genres – from fine art and fashion to seniors, business, and personal branding photos. We can work in the studio, outdoors at a park, or even your home. If you have a vision for a session, I’d love to chat and collaborate.

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