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Life offers so many branches on which to explore and grow. Just like this tree, with seemingly infinite interconnected possibilities, we too have myriad directions and paths to follow to continue to grow and evolve as human beings.

These past few weeks have been monumentally meaningful. Collectively, we’ve been forced to reexamine our priorities and shift gears in a way most of us never dreamed of. It’s been weird, anxious, and even scary at times. Even now, with summer around the corner, none of us really know what the next few months will hold.

But at the same time, the spring of 2020 was deeply affirming. Most of us have done some existential thinking in all this down time. In the stillness, we’ve taken stock in the people we love and care about. The well being of our mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, friends, coworkers and neighbors–is truly what matters most. Today, the increasing use of face masks speaks volumes about this caring attitude. As a society, we’re looking out for each other. That is compassion and love in action.

Finding inspiration

As a photographer, these thoughts crystalize what I care most about when I’m working with clients, be it for a wedding, a family session, or something else. I’m inspired to capture relationships, emotions, and never-to-be-repeated moments so that they can be shared, relived, and enjoyed for a lifetime.

This spring has certainly offered a lot of down time for reflection, and one of takeaways for me is that our communities are enormously important to us all. We are interdependent in ways we didn’t even realize. Like the butterfly effect, each person in society plays a role, and when one part of this dependency is disturbed, no matter how subtly, we all feel the effect.

Shifting focus

With this in mind, I’m ready to broaden my photography passion toward principals I deeply care about. I’ll be shifting some focus toward families and spotlighting entrepreneurs–the real people that make up the fabric of our community. In the last six years I’ve focused most of my business on weddings and couples–and while I’m still available to photograph those amazing and joyous life events, I’m looking forward forging new avenues as well.

Following the heart

Many of you may know that I began teaching yoga two years ago. When I opened my heart to all that yoga has to offer, my perspective grew in so many ways. I now realize that no matter where a path has led us before, we have the opportunity accept and embrace change in order to grow in and evolve. This is what is inspiring me today.

In the weeks ahead, I’m going to be developing new ideas for home/family-inspired lifestyle sessions, entrepreneurial feature photography, and other projects. I’m looking forward to sharing inspiring stories and capturing relationships and positive energy within my community.

More than anything, hopefully, we will all be able to safely meet, gather, and celebrate each other — very soon. Until then, share a smile with someone you love. Namaste.

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