Memory Books for Special Moments

I am a lifelong book lover. Their look, feel, smell, and tactile nature just makes me happy. I love collecting my favorites, and revisiting them every so often, like old friends. Likewise, I love creating memory books and albums for special occasions so that special moments and meaningful photographs can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

We create more and more digital images every day. But with ubiquity comes a sense of commonplace. And sure, who hasn’t taken silly selfies, pictures of food, and hundreds of snapshots of friends and family? (Yes, I’m guilty as well!) Because, well, it’s easy, so why not?

But the vast majority of those photos are lost to the ages in our devices or the cloud. They are uncategorized, unorganized, and nearly impossible to enjoy once a little time has passed. It’s simply the world we live in.

Books last a lifetime

This is why I talk to clients about the benefits of having a printed memory book or album. If you have family photos taken each year, I generally deliver 50-75 final, edited high resolution photos to clients. Usually, they will download them and store them on the computer. Often they’ll post a handful of their favorites to social media.

But what if you had a sweet memory book that told the story of your family each year? A custom book illustrating the beautiful smiles, the silly faces, the genuine emotion and real dynamic of your family? And what if this book sat right on your coffee table, and family members and guests could enjoy those photos anytime? Remember the delight of finding your grandparents’ old photo albums? What if your family’s memory book was around when your children grew up, and had families of their own?

In my mind, nothing is better at archiving your beautiful photo memories than a hard copy photo book. And so, for several years now, I’ve designed books and albums that are handcrafted, beautifully designed, and stand the test of time.

The photos below showcase images from a recent elopement I photographed at Butterfly Hollow, a lovely bed and breakfast about an hour east of Nashville. The bride and groom loved their image gallery but wanted to be able to display and enjoy these memories again and again. Take a peek and see what you think! I’m delivering this beautiful linen-bound book to them soon, and I can’t wait for them to open it!

Technologies change; books always last

Much of my passion for this business is related to bringing joy to families and couples by capturing their beautiful life moments. While digital images have their place and offer many benefits for sharing, I always encourage clients to consider a memory book so these moments really will last a lifetime.

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