Brave new world…

This isn’t an easy blog post to write. It’s a strange time in our world at present, and there are so many events that are serving to disrupt the collective consciousness and leave us feeling as if the world has been turned upside down.

Within one week here in Nashville, our community underwent widespread damage and death from a monster tornado that ripped through the midsection of our state and left a path of unprecented distruction for miles on end. Houses, businesses, and personal history lost in a matter of seconds. The very next day, the coronavirus made its first appearance in our community, shutting down schools and businesses and creating a palpable fear of the unknown. Within a week it had escalated to a global pandemic. On a personal level–although completely incomparable to either of those other events–this website crashed, my hosting service lost my database, and seven years’ worth of content, comments, reviews, and blog posts were lost to the ether. Poof.

So… if you are just joining, welcome to my “new” website. 🙂 While it’s a shame to lose all that history, at least my image files are safely backed up (in three locations, no less) and it’s just a matter of creating more digital dots and dashes to add the flavor back to my online presence. But if it looks sparse, I hope new visitors and past clients will give me a little grace while I start the recipe again from scratch. It’s a work in progress, much like the reality of the rest of our world in March of 2020.

So stay tuned… I’ll soon be sharing more posts with visual inspiration, tips and guidance to help us all feel more positive and connected as we move forward in this brave new world.

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