High-Drama Lighting in the Studio

Two blond models pose against black studio background wearing read and black clothes

So let me say, anytime you get a chance to bring these two amazing ladies for a fun, funky, fashion shoot like this one featuring high-drama studio lighting — just DO it! I’ve had the pleasure of working multiple times with the Wanderlust Girls, Abigail and Emily. And the energy they bring to every session is simply infectious.

I knew going into this shoot that I wanted a dramatic look to match my subjects’ energy and vibe. So I spent some time tinkering with quite a few looks. For this segment, I ended up loving this high-contrast look with a black seamless background. When you are shooting into black, the light is largely absorbed, so having the right tools is essential. For this session I brought in my Profoto B10 and set it up with a 42-inch parabolic softbox. The softbox gives a soft edge to the light, which is flattering. But even so, it still allows for defined shadows to add to the drama.

Another conscious decision in creating high-drama lighting was to eliminate all the ambient light from the studio. Why you ask? So I could fully direct my light artistically and intentionally. Normally this studio is filled with gorgeous natural light which I love to use, but I knew that would only muddy my results.

two women in sunglasses against black background pose for fashion photos
two women in fashion pantsuits dance against black background
two models in pantsuits with hats and sunglasses against black background
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