Five Tips for a Better Headshot

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The proliferation of social media has made having a great headshot more important than ever before. Here are five tips to help you rock your next headshot session and walk away loving your new image.

Choose a Photographer You Like

This sounds fundamental, but it’s important! Check out their work on the website and make sure you resonate with their style. We’re all different! A lot of people can shoot headshots, but the results are not all alike. Lighting styles, posing guidance, and background offerings can all make a big difference in the final product. Don’t be afraid to chat ahead of time and get a feel for your photographer’s personality and vibe.

Dress for success

Your headshot session wardrobe really does matter. In essence, you want it to complement your image not deflect attention away from it. Little things like ensuring wrinkles are pressed ahead of time, removing lint, and ensuring whatever you wear fits properly have a major impact on your overall professional look.

Practice ahead of time

Ok, you may feel silly doing this, but getting comfortable with your smile in the mirror can add to your self-confidence on the day of your headshot session. Practice smiling at yourself to reflect the “you” that you want your clients and colleagues to see. Are you warm and engaging? Ready for new business? Energized and optimistic? Your smile can telegraph all these things and more.

Let your photographer do the driving

Posing is half art, half science, and a knowledgeable, experienced photographer will guide you to ensure the camera sees you in the most flattering light. I always want my clients to feel natural, but not at the expense of shoulders that might be slouching or hair that is falling in your eyes. In the end, I want you to feel safe and secure in our session so you know you’re in good hands and you know I am there to bring out your very best.

Get there on time

I know “life happens” and often delays are unavoidable, but rushing to your appointment will leave you flustered and anxious, which is exactly the opposite state of mind we want you to be in for your headshot! Make sure to have calendar reminders set up, prepare your wardrobe the night before, and arrive 95% camera ready so we can get to work once you walk in the studio door, with only touch ups needed. If something comes up causing a delay, just go ahead and message me asap. This way, we can determine whether a different appointment might be in order, or whether I have time to extend the headshot session so you can relax and proceed.

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