Yoga Life

Along with being a full-time photographer, I’m also yoga teacher and lifelong yoga and mindfullness student. Yoga fulfills me in so many amazing ways, and allows my mind, body, and spirit to stay aligned with principles that center and ground me in what often seems to be a chaotic and stressful world. It also continually opens my eyes to beauty and grace that is within us all the time, if we just slow down, breathe, and allow it to guide our actions and thoughts.

Prior to the pandemic, I taught several times a week at a local studio; now I teach students several times a week online via Zoom and Facetime. I am looking forward to the day when teaching is back to being face-to-face, but in the meantime, I’m committed to continuing to practicing and teaching anyone who would like to learn more and open their heart and mind to yoga’s immeasurable innumerable benefits. If you are interested in private or group practice programs in the Nashville area, please feel free to reach out. To receive information on classes or sign up for my yoga newsletter, just click HERE.

It probably goes without saying that the intersection of my two life’s passions, yoga and photography, brings me extraordinary joy. I’m looking forward to expanding this pursuit as I move forward and specialize in artful and creative photography for yoga studios, teachers, and wellness practitioners in around the Nashville area. If you are a studio or small business related to this area, I’d be delighted to chat or collaborate anytime!

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