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Yoga fulfills me in so many amazing ways! Primarily, it aligns my body and mind with principles that center and ground me in our often chaotic and stressful world. Yoga also continually opens my eyes to the beauty and grace that is within us all the time. If we just slow down, breathe, and allow it to guide our actions and thoughts, the many benefits of yoga will begin to take hold.

Until the spring of 2020, I taught several times a week at a local studio; now I teach group and private students through my virtual home studio as well as live, in-person classes at our local library in Brentwood, Tennessee, a bedroom community of Nashville.

I currently practice and teach to anyone who would like to open their heart and mind to yoga’s immeasurable benefits. The great thing about yoga is that you can begin wherever you are. No prior experience is necessary. In fact, I offer several yoga classes that are slow, gentle, and perfect for beginners!

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A Note about Deb’s Practice Styles

Mindful Flow
Deb’s signature class incorporates a mindful theme plus stretches and breathwork to open and prepare the body, a gentle asana flow with positive affirmations, and soothing cool down followed by savasana. Each class focuses on the foundations of one posture or a yogic concept or inspirational theme.

Vinyasa Slow Flow
Deb’s version of Vinyasa Flow features slow, connected movement and mindful transitions and guidance. It is designed to synchronize asana with the breath to move energy through the body. 

Restorative Yoga
Restorative Yoga is practiced with bolsters and other supports to allow the body and mind to fully let go and release tension. We create “shapes” rather than postures, and relax into them for several minutes at a time. Restorative Yoga feels like a spa for your body and soul. 

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